AE Resources Group, Inc., (AERG) is a young and dynamic firm that specializes in the design, build, and operation of biogas recovery systems from wastewater primarily from the food and farming industries. Considering facility’s natural gas and energy costs, capturing and utilization of biogas is an economical source of energy while addressing growing concerns on climate change and global warming.

We are unique in biogas recovery projects as we bring together a talented team of technical professionals to plan, develop, build, and operate integrated biogas projects. We provide design/build service for all phases of the project from start to finish including:

1. Existing wastewater treatment system evaluation

2. Technical and economical feasibility

3. Biogas recovery system design

4. Regulatory interaction and permit acquisition

5. Biogas recovery system installation, startup, and employee training

6. Long term operation & maintenance and warranty support

7. Flexible Project Financing


Our technical team has hands on experience in the design and installation of biogas recovery systems. Our team members have designed and installed 14 biogas recovery systems in the past nine years. All these biogas recovery systems are currently fully operational. We can provide you with personal references for these biogas recovery systems upon request. These projects have won state and national awards for environmental excellence and benefit to the environment. Please contact us for personal references.

Pipeline Quality Gas
Guild Biogas Purification System
Production of pipeline quality natural gas from biogas is achieved by utilizing a patented and propriety technology
developed from proven Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology more
Fuel Blending
AERG has designed and installed several fully automated demand-based biogas-natural gas fuel blending systems to supply fuel to boilers.
Cost effective solutions more
Biological Scrubber
This biological hydrogen sulfide scrubber system provides a cost effective alternative to the iron sponge technology or other commercially
available hydrogen sulfide more

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